Share Your BI Mobile Data Sources With Others


BI Mobile provides the ability to easily share your data sources with other people. By going to settings in the app you can click on the share icon which will bring up an email message with a link to add this data source you can quickly share.

The app can store as many data connections as you would like if you have multiple clients, test servers, or business units. The share feature allows you to quickly pass that data source on to other people so they don’t have to manually add the Server URL and Server name to connect to.

If the user does not already have the app installed they will be directed to itunes store where they can download the app for free, then they can click the link once the app is installed and add the data source.


Sharing data sources is secure even if unauthorized personnel obtain the sharing link because no device can access your business data without being approved by an administrator. If a device is unknown to your server then they will not be allowed to download and view reports or even add your server to their app.

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