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Get rid of your boring spreadsheets and see your data in a new light. Whether your rushing down the hall to a conference room or your out on the road. With BIM you can have access to the data you need to make important business decisions as quick as you can pick up your phone.

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.


BIM is designed to leverage your existing security model. Whether it be your ERP system or an online reporting database. Simply configure BI Mobile to use your system tables and begin to securely distribute reports to your users and control which reports your users have access to.

Data Access

Use the BI Mobile Designer tool to connect to your data sources and create stunning visualizations that can be distributed to users.

Stunning Charts & DataViews

Visualize your data in multiple custom views with drilldowns. Including interactive pie charts, line graphs, geospatial views, data views, KPIs, sparkline lists and more.Capture

About Us

BI Mobile exists today as the result of a vision to make data exciting and compelling...

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